Swimbaits Part 4: Fish Care

The way the breeze felt coming across the water, the angle of the sun in the morning light, and the way that giant bass looked when she jumped next to the boat will be remembered long after your first trophy fish has been released. There is something special about catching a big bass that instantly memorialises the moment in one’s memory.
Years later you’ll look back and remember the experience like it was playing out for the very first time. When replaying those moments that last thing you want to consider is whether or not that fish survived the experience. By treating your catch with respect and care you can virtually insure that she was returned to the water safely.
There is nothing greater than watching the fish of a lifetime swim casually back to deep water and few experiences darker than watching the same fish lose it’s life before it could be set free. If you fish for trophy bass long enough the day will come when one of your catches doesn’t survive the ordeal. Speaking from my own experience, it is a sad day.
Follow these quick tips to ensure that your next bass is able to swim away in the same condition that you first found her in.

Let’s hear your thoughts. Is there something I missed? Now is your chance to chime in and share your own experiences.