Preparation Lands a Trophy Spot

There are many variables in the bass fishing game that are beyond our control. What are you to do when a front blows through a day early, a big fish wraps you around a log, or a local angler sits on your primary spot all day? In most cases, your hands are tied and you’re at the mercy of the fish.
With that in mind, why not control every possible variable that is within your control? I’m shocked every time I watch an angler lose a big fish because they bend hooks, break line, or give the fish slack. Its not that I don’t make mistakes, I do, and they’ve cost me dearly over the years. The point is that if you leave these variables unchecked you are choosing to be at a disadvantage. I firmly believe that what sets a truly great angler apart from everyone else is a keen attention to detail.
Spend the time to loosen your drags, replace bad line, and tie fresh knots as soon as you need them. If you catch yourself saying things like, “Eh, what are the odds” these words will be haunting when a big bass humbles you.

I hope you enjoy this video because its drives the point home so clearly. I was blessed to land this bass on a recent trip. When I got her into the boat I was shocked to see a full dropshot rig still stuck in her mouth. Someone had the good fortune of hooking this bass but due to lack of preparation, broke her off. How do I know it was lack of preparation? Whoever it was had a major nick in their line just above the hook. I can almost hear whoever it was looking at his partner and saying, “What are the odds” as he cast the damaged rig back toward a likely spot. The rest is history.
Remember to keep your hooks sharp, your line fresh, and treat the bass with respect.