Early Spring Swimbait Fish

Spring is fast approaching the West Coast. In the Southern portions of the country its already arrived. If you’ve missed all the previous posts don’t miss this one: Its time to target big pre-spawners. As big bass move toward the spawning areas they become very vulnerable. They often follow distinct features like creek channels, breaks, and hollows as they move into the shallows. By locating these areas you can target the bigger fish as they move through. There are a variety of baits that can be used effectively. In this video I’m using the Mattlures Tournament Swimbait to target fish moving up in Clearlake. These baits are available at tacklewarehouse, here is the link: Mattlures Dark Hitch Swimbait

This bass is by no means a giant but its a female that is making her way into the spawning grounds. This is a prime example of what can be done around the country to catch females before they spawn. By presenting a big bait slowly along the bottom I’m able to specifically target the larger than average females. By applying this to funnels (places the fish have to pass by) I’m able to eliminate a lot of wasted time and energy. Take these techniques, apply them to your local waters and then share your results. I look forward to hearing what you produce.