How to Catch Bass in Summer

Why can't you catch big bass in the summer? Where do they all go? Why do your 5 lbers become 3 lbers?If you're anything like me, you've been plagued by these questions at some point. Adam Hinkle does a great job of explaining bass' summer movements in this video. Its a follow up to his recent video "Mapping Your Approach" so if you haven't watched it, start there first. This video covers how bass move in the summer as well as why they make the transitions. Understanding bass movements is key to predicting where they will be next and how to catch them once they get there.

After the last video I got a lot of inquiries about where to find detailed maps. Tacklewarehouse carries a couple of great options. For those of you that are shore bound (or want to study maps at home) its hard to beat the Fish-N-Maps. For those of you that want to study your surroundings while you're on the water, I don't believe you can beat the Navionics mapping chips. Personally, I use the "Premium" and have been extremely impressed by the detail. Like Adam, I spend a lot of time fishing offshore for "pelagic" summer bass and its critical to understand the structure and contours that impact their movements.