Frog fishing deep in the backwaters


"Go where others won't go, cast where others won't cast, catch what others won't catch." Remember that phrase the next time you go frog fishing. Often the key to a successful day of frog fishing is not a special technique or a particular color, its just about reaching fish that other anglers cannot or are unwilling to fish for. We are currently editing a small series on frog fishing that covers how to target fish in cover vs. open water, frog colors, styles, and the types of equipment you will need to get the job done right. This clip is just to wet the palette and get you thinking about where, when, and how you frog. Remember, when it comes to frog fishing your imagination is the only limitation.

This particular fish was caught on a Bobby's Perfect frog by Snag Proof coupled with 50 lb Power Pro braided line coupled with a Dobyns 736C Rod (my go-to rod for fishing frogs in cover.) We caught quite a few fish on this particular day by reaching back into small ponds and pockets of water that other anglers weren't willing to drive in to. (And I'm not sure that I blame them... notice how fast we come to a stop, I hit the bottom pretty hard. ) There is more to come so keep an eye on the site and see what's next.