Catching Big Bass on the S-Waver 200

Several years ago the glide bait market exploded. Almost over night it became common place to see single-jointed, hard swimbaits on the decks of virtually every boat on the West Coast. It developed in to a craze with a cult-like following of anglers that believe glide baits will help them catch the biggest bass of their life. Frankly, they may be right. 

Before the craze though, there were only a few glide baits widely available to anglers. The most common of which was the S-Waver 168 by River2Sea. When they reached out to us last year about an upcoming project for a larger 200 mm version of their already popular glide bait we were all ears. 

It was an honor to get our hands on the baits before they hit the market. As impressive as the baits themselves were, we were equally impressed when we found out the pricing. In a world of 100-500 dollar glides the S-Waver came in at $34.99! The rest as they say, is history.

This video is about CATCHING fish and showing the power of glide baits, it really isn't about HOW we go about doing those things. Expect a follow up video explaining the details of equipment, a variety of baits worth looking in to, and the retrieves that will help you put glide baits to work for you as you pursue that giant bass.