Senko Trick to catch more fish

The Yamamoto Senko is one of those baits that just flat out catches fish. Whether you're flipping heavy cover, skipping under docks, or fluttering the bait down bluff walls, it has a place in every well-rounded angler's arsenal. Have you ever wondered what it is that makes the Senko so deadly?


There is something unique about how a senko moves, but why does it work so much better than other stick baits? Well, we believe its all about the slight variation in shape that is specific to the Yamamoto Senko. Unlike other stick baits it is not truly round. When you take that difference in shape and rig it correctly, the bait becomes even more deadly than before.

The trick is to turn the bait until you find the flatter side with a slight arc to it. Rig the bait (Texas or Wacky) with the flatter side down. When the bait falls on a slack line you will have significantly more flutter and movement than if you had rigged it any other way. There truly is a right way to rig a senko.

Give it a try and let us know what you experience!