Breaking Down a New Lake with Matt and Tim: Part 1

After the success of the "How to Fish a New Lake" series we've decided to do it again! This time Tim and Matt head out together to Break Down a New Lake in Northern California. Join us as we go fishing and explore a large highland reservoir! In Part 1 we find largemouth and smallmouth bass schooling together and they're ready to bite! 

The video starts off as we launch the boat and get our first real view of the lake. There is a lot of cover for the fish to choose from. Immediately, we see bridge pilings, island tops, bluff walls, points, and standing timber. We decide to head up the West arm of the lake and work our way back down. The plan is to start with a crankbait and a topwater (DD22 and Whopper Plopper) to cover the water column and try to locate what depth the bass are holding in.

Luckily, on our first stop of the day we see small largemouth bass busting on shad and Matt is able to catch one on topwater. This slowed us down long enough for Matt to glance at the graph and see the massive school of bass suspended and on bottom in 35-40 feet of water. Tim is quick with a spoon and takes only a few quick hops to get bit. 

The summer spoon fishing was on fire! We got so many bites that the rest of the video remains on our first stop. For 3 hours we never moved the boat more than a few feet and were able to catch at least 30 fish on jigging spoons. At one point the bass became so aggressive that both smallmouth and largemouth were chasing the baits all the way to the surface out of 40 feet of water! 

Stick around for part 2 of "Breaking Down a New Lake" as we catch more spoon fish and then begin exploring the rest of the lake! The plan for part 2 is to move shallow and see if we can locate bigger fish that are using grass beds, laydown trees, and rock points for cover. We'll see what happens! 

Baits used in this video to locate and catch fish...

Blade Runner Spoon 3/4 oz Morning Dawn
Blade Runner Spoon 1 3/4 oz Black Shad
River2Sea Rover Topwater
Norman DD22 Crankbait
River2Sea Whopper Plopper
Yellow Magic Popper
Strike King Fat Baby Finesse Worm