Breaking Down a New Lake: Part 2

Part two of "How to Breakdown a New Lake" picks up right where part one let off. (If you missed part 1 click here) The largemouth and smallmouth are fighting over the Blade Runner jigging spoon as Matt and Tim work the edges of a creek channel and the trunks of standing timber in a deep cove. From 25-40 feet the bass had pinned in a school of juvenile shad and they weren't letting them back out! The summer bass fishing definitely doesn't disappoint in this spot! When the action finally slows (several hours later) the duo decide to move shallow in search of other patterns.

As the two anglers move shallow they begin throwing topwater around shallow points with grass lines or rock outcrops. They quickly had a 5-7 lb bass rise on the hollow body frog but refuse to commit at the last second. The shallow pattern never fully develops but they continue to push it until they catch a few fish on frogs and squarebill crankbaits.

While the bite slows midday you get to see their approach to fishing points, rock outcrops, floating docks, marinas, standing timber, and even an offshore hump or two. This lake is full of cover for the bass to hide in, it can definitely be overwhelming!

Be sure to stick around for Part 3 as the anglers move into the other arm of the lake in search of new patterns and structures to fish! They'll encounter even more standing timber and a few ledges and bluffs. You couldn't ask for better summer or fall bass fishing locations, hopefully they'll find that the fish are eager to bite!

Important links to baits or equipment used in the video...

Lucky Craft Skeet MR Squarebill in Ghost Minnow

Norman DD22 Crankbait in Lavender Shad

Blade Runner Spoon 3/4 oz Morning Dawn

Blade Runner Spoon 1 3/4 oz Black Shad

River2Sea Bully Wa 2 in “Dirty White”

River2Sea Whopper Plopper 130 size


Tim's Spooning Combo:

Dobyns 702 Champion 7' rod

Abu Garcia REVO Reel

Seaguar AbrazX Fluorocarbon 12 lb


Matt's Spooning Combo:

Rod- Dobyns 784 ML

Reel- Shimano Curado 200 7:1 Ratio

Main Line- 50 lb braided Line

Leader Line- 15 lb Maxima Ultragreen


Matt's Frog Combo:

Rod- Dobyns 736 Champion

Reel- Shimano Curado 70

Line- 65 lb Sufix 832


Tim's Whopper Plopper Combo:

Rod- Dobyns 805CB (Crankbait Model)

Reel- Abu Garcia ALX

Line- 50 Lb Power Pro