Catching Schooling Bass With Tim Little

Tim Smashes the schooling fish on Clearlake and gives some great tips on the top baits to throw around shallow bait balls. Watch these bass jumping out of the water to catch the shad!

Schooling bass become incredibly aggressive and at times, it seems will eat just about anything. But even when they're blowing up on topwater and chasing shad onto the shore, there are a few key baits that will consistently catch the better fish. Below is a breakdown of the baits Tim recommends throwing around schooling bass in shallow water. 

Gear Shown in the Video...
Alabama Rig (Bladed):
Alabama Rig (Unbladed):
Matt Allen Swimbait Heads:
Keitech Baits for the Rig:

Staysee 90 Jerkbait:
Pointer 78 DD Jerkbait:

BladeRunner Underspin:
Coolbaits Underspin:

Lake Fork Flutter Spoon:
Replacement Hook for Spoon:

5" Senko Electric Shad or Natural Shad:
1/0 Wacky Hook:
Zoom Super Fluke:

River2Sea Rover:
Super Spook:
Rico Popper:

When the bass begin targeting shad or other bait fish in shallow water, its prime time to catch a big bass! Get ready to experience one of the best patterns you've ever seen by implementing the techniques Tim discusses in this video.