How To Avoid Snags and Save Your Lures

Tired of getting snagged? Tired of constantly buying new baits because you keep breaking off? Would you believe you can avoid 99% of snags by learning to "feel your way" through them? Its true! In this video Matt explains how to "feel" snags ahead of time and work your baits through them before they're stuck. 

Whether you're throwing a big jig in heavy cover, flipping in heavy wood, or working a deep diving crankbait along the rocks, learning to feel when your bait is going to get stuck before it actually happens is critical!  Once you learn to feel them you can adjust your retrieve to avoid the situation.

If you are using a floating crankbait, stop to allow the lure to float over the coming snag. If you're using a shakyhead, texas rigged worm, or other sinking bait you want to pop the bait up and over the snag before it becomes firmly stuck in the rock or laydown wood. 

This method of avoiding snags requires very sensitive equipment. Its one of the rare times that purchasing high-end equipment is a must. Its expensive up front but you will save a lot of money when you stopping losing so much tackle. 

The equipment used in this video is as follows:

Rod- Dobyns Champion Extreme 7'4" 743
Reel- Shimano Curado 70
Main Line- Sufix 832 30 lb Braid
Leader Line- Seaguar AbrazX 12 lb Fluoro

Baits used in this video are as follows:
Dirty Jigs Stand Up Finesse Head (3/16 oz)
Zoom Trick Worm (Green Pump/Purple)