How To Quickly Pick The BEST Docks To Fish

Dock Fishing! Some guys find the fish way faster than others, ever wonder why? Do they have better electronics, more time than you, or is it something else? Use these quick tips to eliminate water and find the BEST DOCKS on ANY lake!

Dock fishing is a fantastic way to catch big fish throughout much of the year. Different anglers have different methods for luring out the bass but the key is finding the fish in the first place. In this video Matt breaks down the key shoreline features he uses to quickly identify the docks that are most likely to hold big bass. While we didn't cover the baits in this video, here is a break down of some of our confidence baits for fishing docks:

6" Senko (Green Pumpkin):
4/0 Superline Hook:


1/2 oz. Pitchin Jig (GoTo Color):
420 Size Sweet Beaver:

6" Fat Roboworm (Oxblood Light):
Canterbury Shaky Head:

To fine tune the bite, good electronics are key! When its time to get more advanced with your dock fishing your electronics will make a huge difference with seeing back up under those docks. You'll see Tim and I using brand new electronics in upcoming videos for this very reason. We went big, really big! See our new electronics here: