How to Rig Swimbaits for a Variety of Conditions

This week Matt and Tim break down swimbait rigging. From Basstrix to Keitechs they explain the best options to help you load the boat on your next trip! Whether you're fishing heavy cover for big largemouth or suspended smallmouth in clear water there is an easy way to rig your baits to optimize every bite.

Tim kicks it off by showing the best way to rig a swimbait weedless. We've found two hooks that consistently stand out from the crowd. They are the 5/0 trokar and the 4/0 Owner Beast. It depends what bait you're throwing but if you use the 4.8 Keitech like we often do, you can't beat the Beast.

Next Matt breaks down his very own "Matt Allen Swimbait Head". If you've wondered what makes this head different, you'll see it here. The 30 degree line tie helps keep the bait rocking and rolling in the water while the combination wire and cone keeper system helps lock in both solid and hollow body baits. If you haven't used the Matt Allen Swimbait Head yet, you need to give it a try!

Lastly, Tim circles back around and teaches how to save $$$ and headaches by turning the above mentioned heads into underspins by adding a willow leaf to the bait. Forget messing with light wire underspins, just take your favorite head, add the pre-rigged blade, and create your own underspin!

We hope these tips help you as you build swimbait confidence this year! If you have questions feel free to leave us a comment, send an email, and don't forget to join us on facebook and Instagram to stay connected between videos. If you haven't done so already you're missing a lot of big bass pictures, videos, and the low down on the specific baits that are producing our most recent big bites!