Squarebill Crankbaits: Tricks to Help you Refine Your Fishing

Over the years the guys have talked about a lot of different lures but one they've never discussed in-depth is the squarebill crankbait. Both Tim and Matt love to throw squarebills and have a lot of knowledge to share. In this week's video they break down styles of baits, running depths, rods, line, and even some quick recommendations on color. You don't want to miss this video!

Both anglers have their confidence baits and equipment. Despite fishing many of the same locations and groups of fish, Matt and Tim do not use the same equipment. 

To the surprise of many, Matt often throws his squarebills on fluorocarbon. This is one of the only applications where he believes fluorocarbon has an advantage over braid. He couples it with a 7' medium heavy, moderate cranking rod and a 7:1 reel. His bait of choice is the River2Sea Biggie Poppa.

Tim prefers to throw his squarebill cranks on braided line with a mono or fluoro leader. He couples it with a 7'6" Medium Heavy crankbait rod and a 7:1 Reel. His bait of choice is the Lucky Craft BDS 3.

We hope the tips in this week's video will help you refine your squarebill game so you can focus on putting more and bigger fish in the boat the next time you find yourself around aggressive fish in shallow water. Until next time, good luck out there!