Night Fishing 101: Moon Phase

Would you rather fish on a tough day or an easy day? Of course, we’d all like to fish the easy days full of hungry fish. What if it were as easy as looking at the calendar and knowing which days to fish? While its not always that easy, understanding the moon phase calendar will go a long way to helping you catch more fish. Its amazing how a big rock so far out in space can impact the feeding patterns of fish in the local reservoir but it absolutely does. There are peak feeding times and if you understand when they are you can eliminate a lot of wasted time.

By watching this video you have potentially eliminated 17 “less than ideal” days of fishing during the month of July alone. Its not a guarantee but if you stick to the 10 days in July (and 3 at the end of June) that I’ve recommended your likelihood of experiencing a great night on the water will go up significantly.
I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this topic and by the end of the month, your success stories. Good luck out there.