Night Fishing 101: Subsurface Reaction Baits

Have you ever had one of those nights where you get out on the water, start to fish, and suddenly notice that there is nothing out there? There isn’t a bird, a squirrel, a fish on the surface, nothing. Everything around you just seems dead. Typically, that isn’t the time to be trying to throw a topwater. Obviously the fish haven’t gone to another lake, they just aren’t being active on the surface. That is when its time to try your hand at subsurface reaction baits.
I’ve broken it into 5 baits that I like to use. In no particular order they are the Chatterbait, spinnerbait, deep diving crankbait, small lipless crankbait, and large lipless crankbait. Between these 5 baits I’m able to do just about everything that night fishing can throw at me in terms of high-speed fishing.

I hope you’re able to take these tips and turn them in to big bites on your local fisheries.
What are your top 5 reaction baits? I’m always curious to see what other anglers are using. Of your top 5, which one seems to consistently draw the bigger bites?
For those of you wanting to pick up some of these baits that aren’t available at your local retailers, head over to tacklewarehouse. Here is the link: Matt’s go-to Lipless bait on tacklewarehouse