Sight Fishing Made Easy!

Let's talk about bed fishing! Matt breaks down the EXACT baits that you need to be throwing during the spawn and explains when to throw each style and color. 

Color selection... 
Focus on using Green Pumpkins, Browns, and true bluegill colors. If the fish aren't responding to the natural colors switch to either White, Chartreuse, or colors with a lot of flash to try and elicit a reaction strike. Both methods can be effective but always start with the natural colors so you don't spook finicky bass. 

Baits Shown In the Video...

Minnow Profiles:
3.3 Keitech-
Revenge Darthead-

Basstrix Bait Fry-
Round Ball Head-

Dirty Swim Jig-
Keitech Fat 3.8-

Panfish Profiles:
Mattlures Bluegill Swimbait-

Basstrix Baitfry Bluegill-

Little Creeper Bluegill-

Crawfish Profiles:
Dirty Jigs Pitchin' Jig-
Sweet Beaver 4.20-

3.5" Finesse Tube-
3/16 oz Tube Head-