The Best Sunglasses For Fishing

Matt and Tim searched high and low for lenses that would let them see deeper, here is what they found...

When it comes to sunglasses bass fisherman get very passionate. One will tell you Oakleys are the best sunglasses, the next will swear by costas, and another will insist its Cocoons. We really aren't trying to pick a fight and more power to you if you love a different brand. We're simply sharing our experience on the water. 


The Eye Surrender glasses are the clearest lenses we've found and consistently give us a clearer image of what is below the surface. Hopefully you can put that info to work for you as you fish the spawn and then again as you target post spawn cruisers going into Summer bass fishing. 

Eye Surrender ESE Sunglasses:

Our preferred lense colors are Grey, Amber, and Copper. 

Another awesome product from Eye Surrender if you're interested in unique bait storage is their swimbait and bait wraps. We use these a TON for swimbaits, A-rigs, and other baits. They're definitely worth giving a try. 

Swimbait Wrap:
Pocketed Bait Wrap: