How To Fish A Chatterbait (Beginner Tips AND Advanced Tricks)

The Chatterbait is one of the best bass fishing lures of all time! Its easy to use, even beginners catch bass on them. So why is one guy consistently catching bigger fish on a Chatterbait than everyone else? Are you the guy that's catching them or the guy that's wondering why someone else is?

Matt takes us to the core of the Chatterbait technique in this in-depth seminar-style video on chatterbaits and bladed jigs. From the baits themselves to an underwater look at the Chatterbait trailers, we're going to examine every aspect of chatter bait fishing. 

We don't stop there, we're also going to discuss rods and gear for the technique. Matt examines both the finesse and power fishing approaches to Chatterbait fishing and explains the merits of both. 

The baits...
Evergreen Jack Hammer Chatterbait:
Z-Man Project Z Chatterbait:
Z-Man CUSTOM Chatterbait:
Picasso Shock Blade:
Picasso Undressed Shock Blade:

The Trailers...
Yamamoto Cowboy:
Strike King Rage Trailer:
Yamamoto Zako Swimbait:
Yamamoto Swim Senko:
Keitech 4.8 Fat Swing Impact:

Matt's Braid Setup...
Rod- Zodias 7'2" Medium Heavy:
Reel- Curado 70:
Line- 50 lb Power Pro MaxCuatro:
Leader: 15 lb Maxima Ultragreen:

Matt's Fluorocarbon Setup...
Rod- Cashion 7'3" Medium Heavy:
Reel- Bantam MGL 150:
Line- 12 lb Sunline Assassin:

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100 Bass Challenge With A Lucky Subscriber!

Huge thanks to Alex Centner for coming all the way from Arizona to shoot this 100 fish challenge with us! It was a grind but we pulled it off! 100 bass plus some bonus crappie and bluegill! 

How many fish have you caught in one day? Catching huge numbers of fish requires focus and commitment but if you take the time to locate actively schooling fish it can be done. By covering water quickly with fast moving baits like the spinnerbait and chatterbait we were able to identify areas that had concentrations of fish. Once the fish were located we were able to slow down with finesse presentations and catch the numbers we were looking for. 

Here's what we used to catch them...

Lucky Craft Silent Squarebill Crankbait:
Bling Spinnerbait 3/8 oz Lemonade Twist:
Keitech Fat Swing Impact Trailer 4.8":
1/2 oz. Chatterbait:

ShakyHead 3/16 oz:
Zoom Swamp Crawler:

Dropshot Hook 1/0:
Dropshot Weight 1/4 oz:
Roboworm 6" Fat MM3:
Zoom Trick Worm:

Matt's Spinnerbait Combo...
Rod- G Loomis GLX 853C:
Reel- Shimano Chronarch MGL:
Line- Sufix 832 Braid 50 lb:
Leader- 15 lb Maxima Ultragreen:

Tim's Worming Setup...
Rod- G Loomis GLX 852C JWR:
Reel- Shimano Aldebaran 50:
Line- 20 lb Power Pro MaxCuatro:
Leader- 10 lb Sunline Sniper:

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Need Sun Protection? Here's what we wear...
Sun Mask:
Sun Shirt w/ Hood:
Light Fishing Pants:

Breaking Down A New Lake In The Rain

Come along with Tim as he locates fish and tries to develop a pattern on a fishery he knows little about! He explains his bait selection and thought process along the way so you can replicate the mindset on your own fishery. 

Tim breaks down the lake despite difficult windy and rainy conditions. He discovers the fish are schooling in the cleanest water on the lake and is surprised to find a steep drop in water temperature in the clear water. To his amazement the cold water didn't seem to matter as the fish clung to that clearer water. 

Gear Used In The Video...

Z man/Evergreen JackHammer Bladed Jig:
Keitech Fat 3.8 Trailer:

6" senko (Green Pumpkin/Black Flake):
4/0 EWG Superline Hook:

River2Sea Biggie Poppa Squarebill:

3/4 oz Pitchin' Jig in Black/Blue:
Beaver Jig Trailer:

Chatterbait Setup...
Rod- 7'6" Zodias Glass:
Reel- Curado 70:
Line: 15 lb Sunline Fluoro:

Spring Spinnerbait Fishing Tips

Come along with Matt to do some spinnerbait fishing! He gives a bunch of tips and tricks along the way to help you become a better reaction fisherman. 

The spinnerbait is a staple in every angler's arsenal but there are some simple modifications than can really dial in the bait. From blade arrangements to different trailers, the spinnerbait is incredibly versatile. Put it to work for you this Spring and enjoy the results!

Gear Used...

River2Sea Bling Spinnerbait:
Z-Man Chatterbait:
Revenge Spinnerbait:
Keitech 4.8" Swimbait (Sight Flash Color):
Spare Spinnerbait Blades:

Spinnerbait Combos...

High End Combo:
Rod- G Loomis 894:
Reel- Metanium MGL:
Line- 65 lb Sufix 832:

Mid Range Combo:
Rod- Shimano Zodias 7'2" Medium Heavy:
Reel- Shimano Citica:
Line- Sufix 832 65 lb:

Price Point Combo:
Rod- Exage 7'2" Heavy: COMING SOON!
Line- Sufix 832 65 lb braid:

Spinnerbait fishing is an awesome way to catch aggressive bass, especially in murky or stained water. If you don't do a lot of spinnerbait fishing its time to give it a try, you'll love it!