How To Quickly Pick The BEST Docks To Fish

Ever wondered why some docks hold all the fish and others are a bassless wasteland? Tactical Bassin’ lets you in on all the secret strategies for picking the right docks this summer and picking them quickly. Break down an enormous row of docks this summer and don’t waste time fishing the docks that won’t hold the giant bass we are all after.

How to Catch Every Bass Under a Dock

In this video Tim explains what you need to do to catch as many fish as possible when fishing a dock. Instead of walking up and simply casting to the dock, take a tactical approach, work your angles and systematically catch all the fish.

Its amazing to us how many guys, especially from boats, will just make a random splash down cast into the middle of a dock then move on to the next one! Who came up with that idea?! Take 30 seconds out of your day, be systematic in your approach, and you will see immiediate results.

As the video begins Tim explains that the first step to dock fishing from shore is to approach the dock from the down shadow side. Meaning, don't let your shadow cross the dock, instead keep your shadow behind you. Next, start fishing the structure that is closest to shore and farthest from the center of the dock first. 

Slowly cast to each piling of the dock, shadow corner, or other structure. As you fish each piece of cover slowly work out to deeper water. This way any fish you catch will be pulled up into the shallows without crossing over the other fish.

The last cast should be to the very center and darkest part of the shadow under the dock. By the time you've reached this cast you should have caught every other fish under the dock. 

If you use this method for all of your dock fishing you're absolutely going to catch more bass! Whether you're bank fishing or standing on a bass boat this information applies to your fishing. If you happen to be on a boat simply fish the dock in reverse order to achieve the same result. 

Equipment Used...

Rod- 7'4" 3 power
Reel- Lew's BB1 Pro
Line- 15 lb AbrazX Fluorocarbon

Weight- 1/4 oz. Tungsten Bullet
Hook- 4/0 Gamakatsu EWG Superline
Bait- Reaction Innovations Sweet Beaver

Advanced Swimbaits Part 1: Skipping the big baits

Throwing a swimbait is not nearly as difficult as most people make it out to be. Anyone can go to the lake and throw a big bait and have a good shot at catching a big fish. However, if you live in an area where it seems like everyone is already throwing the big baits, it may be time to step your game up even further.
Skipping a swimbait is just one example of something you can do to set yourself apart from the pack. If you’re on a body of water with docks, tullies, overhanging trees, or other forms of dense cover learning to skip the big baits will let you reach fish that no one else is fishing for.

The technique is fairly simple and can be mastered in a few short hours (or less) by a well-rounded angler. By keeping your rod low to the water and slinging the swimbait with more force than is used for a standard cast you can get the bait to skip effortlessly across the surface of the water and back into heavy cover.
Give it a try then come back and share your experiences. I hope this lets you reach fish that you’ve never reached before and maybe, just maybe, catch the fish of a lifetime!