Save $$$ By Making Your Own Feathered Trebles!

Feathered trebles are an awesome way to accent your favorite topwaters and jerkbaits but store bought options are very limited. Matt shows a fast and easy way to build your own feathered trebles on the water and the best part is you can do it with any hook you want! 

This quick tip will save you so many headaches! You're no longer limited to 3 sizes and a few colors of feathered trebles. Any size, any color, and any model of hook is fair game as you quickly and easily accent your own trebles. All you need is a hook of your choice, some craft hair or feathers, a small piece of shrink tube, and a lighter. 

Here are Matt's favorite hooks and components for making feathered trebles...

How to Tie Feathered Treble Hooks

It’s happened to all of us, you start changing the hooks on a lure, only to find yourself stuck with a junk rear hook simply because it has feathers on it. The feathered trebles you find at the store are no better, you can’t find them tied on the right hook, in the right size, or the color you want. Luckily, tying your own is a simple process. Watch the video below to learn how


-Fly Tying Thread (for demonstration purposes I used 80# braid in the video)
-Super Glue
-Neck Hackle is the most common
-Marabou works well for adding bulk
-Rooster saddle feathers are great for adding color or wrapping over marabou

-Fly Tying Vise (Highly Recommended) ~$20
-Bobbin (holds thread, really convenient) ~$2.50