Jerkbaits Vs. Swimbaits : Which One Wins?

Matt hits the water with a jerkbait and a small swimbait for a quick evening session. The plan was to return to a school of active bass blowing up on baitfish but that quickly changed. Watch as Matt adapts to the changing conditions and puts together a pattern that produces BIG bites. 

Learning to read the water and adapt to changing conditions takes time. Having a solid knowledge of the fishery is a huge bonus but a willingness to change on the fly and try new baits is all that's really required. 

The jerkbait and swimbait are both proven producers throughout the Spring. When one is producing small bites the other will often produce larger fish. Don't be afraid to abandon your game plan when its not working and trying something completely different. You never know when you'll switch from catching little fish (or no fish) to having an awesome time on the water!

The baits... 
Lucky Craft Flash Pointer 115 (Crystal Pro Blue):
3.8 Keitech (Pro Blue Red Pearl):
Dirty Jigs Guppy Head (Blue Shad 1/4 with 3/0 Hook):
Dirty Jigs Matt Allen Swimbait Head:

Swimbait and Jerkbait Setup...
Rod- Cashion 7'3" Medium Heavy:
Reel- Bantam MGL 150:
Line- 12 lb Sunline Assassin:

Dedicated Jerkbait Setup...
Rod- Shimano Zodias 6'10" Medium:
Reel- Shimano Curado 70 (7:1 Ratio):
Line- 12 lb Sunline Sniper:

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On The Water: Cold Front Jerkbait Fishing

High water and cold weather won't stop these bass from crushing the jerkbait! With water temps at 43 degrees most anglers don't believe bass will feed aggressively but when bass school together they're susceptible to triggered feeding in even the coldest of water. 

Tim and Matt explain the cadence and technique to fool cold water fish into eating a jerkbait. They used two baits to catch their fish and constantly rotated colors to keep the school biting for as long as possible. They aren't the biggest fish but they prove the effectiveness of the method. 

Gear Shown in this video...

Pointer 78 DD:
Staysee 90:

Gamakatsu Aaron Martens Nano Finesse Hook:

Preferred Jerkbait Rods...

High End Casting Setup...
Rod- Megabass Jerkbait Special:
Reel- Shimano Aldebaran Reel:
Line- 20 lb Sufix 832:
Leader- 10 lb Fluorocarbon:

Mid Range Casting Setup...
Rod- Loomis IMX Jerkbait:
Reel- Curado 70:
Line- 20 lb Sufix 832 Braid:
Leader- 10 lb Fluorocarbon:

Mid Range Spinning Setup...
Rod- Dobyns 702 Champion:
Reel- Shimano Nasci 2500:
Line- 10 lb Sufix 832:
Leader- 8 lb Fluorocarbon:

Winter Jerkbait fishing (also known as Winter Ripbait fishing if you live out West) can be amazing! Jerkbaits are one of the only reaction baits that work in virtually any water temperature. 

How To Pick The Best Spots To Catch Bass

Today Tim is hitting the water for a quick session and is taking us along for the ride. He's on a new lake where he has little experience and his first priority is to locate fish. He works quickly to find active fish and continues to break down the bite from there. 

Many anglers struggle to break water down quickly. Tim brought an arsenal of baits along for the day that helped speed up the process. He was prepared to cover the water column quickly and effectively while exploring likely structures and features. 

Here are the baits and the gear Tim was using for the day:

-Lucky Craft RTO 1.5 Squarebill (Pearl Threadfin)

-S-Waver 168 Swimbait in "Party Crasher"

-Whopper Plopper 130 in "Munky Butt"

-Salter Brecknell Scale

Camera Used: GoPro Hero 4

Matt's Favorite Squarebill Rod (845)
Tim's Favorite Squarebill Rod (704)