Vary Your Hookset To Land More Bass

In Bass Fishing its very easy to get into a rhythm and stop adapting. Matt and Tim explain why you need to vary your hookset to catch more bass. Whether you're a brand new bass fisherman or a seasoned bass angler, these tips will help you land more of the bass that bite your bait. 

In this Bass Fishing video Matt and Tim explain the differences between hooksets for frog fishing, jig fishing, dropshot / worm fishing, and crankbait fishing. There are 4 basic hookset styles... 

1) Hammer Home Hookset!
2) Load Up Hookset
3) Sweep Hookset
4) Reel Down Hookset

If you learn to use each of these hooksets effectively you will begin catching more bass. Its hard enough to get a bass to bite, don't blow it by setting the hook the wrong way and losing the fish half way to shore.

Below are the rods that are a perfect match for each hookset style broken down into two categories... First, what we actually use. Second, budget bass fishing rods.

What Matt Uses: 746     
What Tim Uses: 736 
Budget Bass Fishing: 7'3" Heavy