What Size Baits Work Best in Each Season?

Some anglers say bigger baits are better, others say downsizing is key, so who's got it right? This was the question posed to us by one of our awesome viewers. Today we dive into the discussion and really look at what size and style of baits you should be fishing throughout the year. 

The key is to determine what your personal goals are on the water. Upsizing and downsizing are both the right answer, especially in Winter, it just depends on what you want out of your day on the water. If you want a big Winter bass, throw a giant bait. If you want to be successful and catch a lot of fish, go small. 

Once Winter ends the discussion becomes much simpler. In the warmer months the key is simply to match the hatch. Don't throw a bait that is too big or too small for what your bass are eating. If they're eating small minnows, perhaps a small jerkbait is the key. If they're eating shad a lipless crank might be your answer. If its crawdads, of course you need to be throwing a pitchin' jig

We hope this helps! Its really a simple decision once you establish your goals for the year. 

Here are the specific baits discussed in this video:

Winter Time Baits...

-Huddleston 8" Swimbait
-S-Waver Swimbait
-Finesse Hair Jig
-7" Roboworm

Spring/Summer/Fall Baits...

-LV-500 Lipless Crankbait
-Pitchin' Jig
-Pointer 128 Ripbait
-Flash Pointer 100 Ripbait
-Keitech Fat Impact 2.8, 3.8, 4.8