Summer Worming: Big Bass Without All The Work!

Wait... did you read that right? Did Tacticalbassin really do a video about worming? That can't be right! What happened to the guys that throw swimbaits and jigs for trophy bass? You read it right! Let's face the facts... its Summer time. During the dog days of summer its hard to beat a worm. We're not just talking about catching 100 fish either, we're talking about big bites!

So what's the deal? In the summer bass have to eat a lot more than they do in Winter. They're also willing to move around more than they normally do. They're running around gorging themselves on as many easy meals as they can. This opens the door for catching them on one of the simplest (and cheapest) techniques there is. 

The worms we recommend, in no particular order are as follows...

1) Reaction Innovations Pocket Rocket: This worm just flat catches fish. With an oversized, ribbed body it moves a lot of water and represents a sizeable meal that the largest of bass can't resist. 

2) Zoom Swamp Crawler: This is one of those worms that doesn't look like much but just has the magic. Day in and day out, it catches them. 

3) Strike King Fat Baby Finesse Worm: Its a funny little worm but when you really need to get a bite, it comes through in a big way! With a large tail section it has a ton of action on a shaky head. 

4) Roboworm 6" Straight Tail Fat Worm: If I could only choose one worm to catch a big bass, this would probably be the one. Its been catching them for years and years with no sign of stopping!

5) Roboworm 7" Straight Tail Worm: Much like the 6" fat, this worm has years of tournament victories to back it up. Shaky Head, carolina rig, dropshot, it really doesn't matter. 

6) Mann's Jelly Worm: This classic is still catching monster bass around the country! If you're Carolina Rigging in deep water and haven't tried a Jelly worm, what are you waiting for? 

We're not telling you to stop swimbaiting, frogging, or throwing reaction. But when you get to the middle of the day and the bite is slowing down, perhaps you should drag out worm rod and give it a try. You might just be surprised!